Winter Show 2015- post reflection

The Winter Show was an amazing success for us. It was the first time our microcontroller was consistently working, not to mention the longest we have ever used it.

Days leading up to the show I never thought I’d finished the final product of the gloves. I was still very nervous for the day of the Winter Show if they would last the two days. We had a variety of users from tall men to very young children, all fit their hands nicely in the gloves.

IMG_3393 IMG_3394

IMG_3357 IMG_3360

IMG_3368 IMG_2897

Right before the show began I add two more pieces of non-conductive velcro, which was helpful to wear the cape without using the battery.¬†Although I was super pleased with the final iteration of the cape, it didn’t have the best functionality with the game. Once a user began moving their arms to fly, the cape more often than not, slipped off.

When we discovered that the cape was hindering users to play the game with a lot of movement, I began having the cape act as a reward. Once someone, usually a child finished the game, they were rewarded with the cape as a symbol of being a superhero.

IMG_2826 IMG_2828


I learned an incredible amount from this project. Eve and I were super proud with the result. I know truly understand why everyone says to start early. That’s a lesson best learned with experience, especially with the fabrication aspects of the project. I am excited to continue learning about wearables, coding, and fabricating more in the upcoming semester.