App update: local storage, color scheme, functions

This past week I made some nice updates to my app, which I’m really satisfied with. The more I work and it comes together, the more ideas I have for design changes. I started playing with the colors using the steam roller on JQuery mobile, which was super easy once I understand how to implement it in my code. I’m still playing with color schemes, but happy since it’s starting to shape up the actual look of the app.



My goal this week was to store the words and translations from the first page to the second page, which is the dictionary. Shawn had told me in office hours last week that I would need to use localStorage and to follow the examples on the class site. This was much more challenging than I had anticipating. I ended up writing two functions, one to save the words and translations to the local storage, and then another to show it in the dictionary. This took me about 3 hours. Ah, coding!

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 9.50.10 AM




Once I was able to figure out local storage, I went to sleep for as long as possible. My next step was to make the dictionary page a little more visually appealing. Thankfully, JQuery Mobile is like magic to add ordered lists and a filter.