Week 3: Becoming Live

This week was pretty challenging for me. Understanding the difference between AJAX and WebSockets. Joining Digital Ocean. Connecting to the server. I ran into a few bumps in the process of setting things up, one of which being that I needed re-install Cyberduck on this computer, after having not used it since last spring. Eventually all of that was done and it was just a matter of getting the code from class to work. (Spoiler alert: this blog will mainly be asking a lot of questions).

When I start the node server and reload the page, it runs, but I get this error:

GET 500 (Internal Server Error)

When I type in a message it works, but I couldn’t figure out how get each message to go to the next line. I tried adding a 100% margin in CSS and a few functions in Javascript, but nothing worked.

So this is what it looks like:


The good thing is that it does work. I tested it out with some friends and they can send and receive my messages.