Week 1: portrait

For the first week’s assignment I was challenged to get back into coding after taking the summer off. I spent my entire summer heavily designing, and haven’t touched JavaScript since last spring. I wanted to keep my project simple, but meaningful and apply code that not only works, but that I understand.

My concept for my portrait is to show my “unusual” talent of lip-synching with songs that reflect my humor, passion, and love for simple design.

  1. Load the page. See a looped video of me dancing. Hover and click the “Sing with me” button to go to the next page.


2. The next page you see a title “Choose a lyric” with 6 lyrics/song titles to choose.


3. When you select a title the video associated with that song plays.


4. You can toggle between any of the 6 videos to sing along.


5. When a video ends, a new image appears.


Here isĀ Week1 Portrait!

A live or synchronous site

It seems that live streaming opens a portal for anything you could possibly think of. The first live feed I will talk about is of stray cats in South Korea eating. Super interesting.

Why just watch cats when you can also spend your time watching other people’s dogs.




I need to revisit this question, but right now I would say a live site I find helpful and enjoy is Zenhub. Zenhub is a project management tool within Github. It’s very similar to many agile tools out there.


What I like about Zenhub:

  1. Linked to Github
  2. Helps manage progress across an entire team
  3. Live updates seen instantly

It’s a nice way to keep everyone communicated about what work each member of the team is working on.

More to come!