Progress: magnets + vibration + form

This week I worked a lot with how my garment would look on the body and thought about how it would feel. Last week I picked up some swatches from Mood, and I believe it will end up being a very soft, squishy neoprene material. I wanted to first lay out how it would look on the body and how a person would wear it. I took a long-sleeved shirt and decided to use that to cut out what I wanted, which I would later construct using the final material.

I want there to be a focus on the shoulders and chest. I haven’t envisioned this to be a full jacket, but something closer to a cropped jacket. I cut out the material from the top buttons down. I like the idea of keeping the buttons, as it could give me a better sense on how the final product will be put on and worn.




Once I had a jacket that I liked, I thought about adding another piece of fabric to be meant for an enclosure for the vibration motors. This also gave me more ideas about how I could design it to have more personality.


After this I played around with the placement of magnets in the sleeves. I had bought two types of magnets, and I just taped them to the sleeves to test the placement.



Then I wanted to see if I could a circuit going using magnets. I used an LED as the output here and a reed switch to sense the magnetism. It took me some time but I got it working. So happy!

Then I switched out the LED and put a vibration motor as the output.