Progress: form, fabric, questions

This week I focused mostly on construction of the jacket. I went to Spandex World and bought 1 yard of neoprene and 1 yard of a faux leather. To make a harder look, I wanted to have the sleeves be leather and the chest be neoprene, especially since the neoprene is very soft and gives a sensation like a hug.


To construct the jacket I used the jacket I used last week, which is a long sleeved shirt made out of jersey material. Since I wasn’t sure how to make a pattern, and didn’t find sufficient information by searching the internet, I just used the parts of the shirt. I then cut the neoprene into the different parts.



After I had the torso, I used the same method on the faux leather to make the sleeves. After I pinned and sewed them, I sewed the sleeves onto the neoprene.




IMG_4245 IMG_4246

Although I still have a lot to do, I am happy with these results. What I learned from this experience is that I might need to consider using a third material for where the vibration motors will be. I made a new pressure sensor with a vibration motor and then sewed in a small enclosure into the inside of the jacket.

IMG_4288 IMG_4289


I thought about also having other sensors triggered by closing the circuit with another jacket. Ideally, I will make two jackets that will somehow interact with each other. I considered using exposed conductive velcro, but this would mean that that placement of the velcro is crucial in order to be sure the vibration motors are triggered.