Preparing for serial

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This week I spent some time to redo a few of the labs and get more comfortable with other variable resistors. I wanted to mainly make sure that I understand the wiring of a circuit and how to code what I wanted to happen without referencing the all of the code from the labs. My sub-aim of the week is to experiment with changing things around on my board in order to rev up some creativity for a bigger project.

The information about serial communication is tad overwhelming at the moment. Especially since I wasn’t able to attend the synthesis lab last Friday. However, I did get the digital and analog switches to work connecting p5 to Arduino. This gave me some hope for an idea for a project idea I’ve been thinking about for ICM that I would eventually like to combine with Arduino.

The readings were very helpful this week in terms of thinking about prototyping. I vow to start sketching ideas when they happen.

Here is a beginning sketch for a game that would involve Arduino to control the change in colors of moving balloons. Eventually the balloons would become the words of the color as a way to teach a child basic colors.

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The reading by Igoe, Making Interactive Art: Set the Stage, Then Shut Up and Listen spoke to me the most in terms of understanding the importance of feedback when making interactive art. It really highlights the importance of process over product when learning, as well as teaching.