Multiples: Tinker Toys

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This week I wanted to make some type of toy for our multiples assignment. I first thought of making a variation of the toy, Lincoln Logs:

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After some thought about my own childhood, I thought of another beloved toy, Tinker Toys.

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1 3/4, 36 inch square dowel

1 1, 36 inch square dowel

1 5/16th, 36 inch round dowel

1 1/4th, 36 inch round dowel



Band saw

Drill press

Drill bits

Miter saw

Sand paper


Order of operations:

The first thing I did was decide how long I wanted each wooden block. I began with 2 inches and measured out 5 blocks. I learned even my measuring skills are  a bit rusty.


After I headed into the wood shop, I was partially terrified since I have never used any of these machines beside from demos during class. I started with the miter saw, which was difficult more to in a pattern with cutting them out. Since the blade itself is 1/8 inch, my pieces kept coming out a bit shorter, meaning I had to repeatedly measure 2 inches after each cut.



In the end, I was pretty happy with the results.


I then measured post-cutting to see how accurately I cut using the Miter saw. Then I began sanding each block.



I used the remaining wood to cut out 1 and 3 inch blocks. The 1 inch blocks were definitely the most challenging. And even after sanding them, they are uneven.



Since I bought 1 inch and 3/4 inch square dowels and 5/16th and 1/4th inch round dowels. My plan was to drill 5/16th holes into the 1 inch squares and 1/4th holes in the 3/4 inch squares.

My next step was to cut out some round dowel pieces that would eventually fit in the 1 inch squares. I used the band saw for this since the wood was thinner than the square dowel.



This process was much better than the miter saw. I had less of an issue with the size of the blade since the blade is thinner than the miter saw.

FullSizeRender 17

In the picture above it shows the 1/4th and 5/16th round dowels cut out. As well as the 3/4 inch square dowels, which I prefer over the larger square dowels. It also shows the beginning of drilling into the squares to create holes for the round dowels to fit in.

In order to drill the holes, I measured the placement of each hole. Holy, measuring! Another testament at ITP of my lacking math skills.


I felt pretty comfortable with the drill press. I am very happy with my results given it was my first experience using most of these tools.






Now we have blocks and rods to use and create into any shape you’d like!

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  1. Nice work.

    A stop block on the miter saw would have given you good results and you would not have had to keep re-measuring each piece.

    I’d love to see them painted, I think it would add more character.

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