Here comes the sound and video

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.55.17 AM

I had so much fun making my sketch this week. I think it was a combination of getting more comfortable with code and making something that tells more of a story. I decided to go with something a bit silly and just have fun with the process. I worked with sound and focused on volume thresholds. The idea was based on a longer project idea I was considering that helps someone understand their own volume and tone. Often when we speak about something that we are passionate about, we tend to get louder. Sometimes this volume change is misinterpreted. I think it’s especially difficult to perceive volume and tone when you’re speaking in your non-native language. Even as an American from an incredibly loud family, I tend to shut down when other people’s volume increases. I have a difficult time communicating when both parties are yelling. However, I am sure that my volume also increases or changes in a discussion, debate, etc, which I can be unaware of in the moment.

If you’ve ever had a conversation that involved the statement, “I’m not yelling, you’re yelling” or even in a situation where you find both parties, or even one accusing the other of yelling. To deal with this issue, I thought of visualizing volume and eventually tone. To begin with this assignment I just focused on volume and decided to make it more playful.

To start I got comfortable with working with thresholds. I made a simple sketch that shows increase of volume with different shapes and colors. Once the highest threshold is hit, particles are triggered to move randomly across the sketch. It also shows how many particles are moving across the screen, as more are added as the volume continuously increases.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 11.13.18 AM

With this basic idea, I decided on how I would tell a story using this visualization. My objective is that you must help the flowers by giving them more a sun and in turn more flowers will grow. Here, when the highest threshold is hit, two things happen: the sun appears and continuously gives more light to the flowers and the song “Here Comes the Sun” is triggered to play.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.55.26 AM