Turning things on

I learned a lot doing the labs this week. I attended two Physical Computing workshops.

Workshop on 9/11:

  • What is a circuit?
  • What are these components?
  • I want to turn this LED on.


Workshop on 9/15:

  • Seriously, why do we use a multimeter?
  • No really, what are these components for?
  • I want to turn two LEDs on.


To apply what I learned using switches, I wanted to make a simple application that would ultimately encourage someone to finish a book.

When the book is completely closed both sets of LEDs would go on:


When the book is halfway read, the yellow LEDs turn off, and only the red LEDs are on.


Wouldn’t you want those bright red lights to turn off? Me too! So, why not finish the book?


To demonstrate someone using the book: