Final update + motor

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Since last Thursday, there have been a lot of changes made to the superhero cape! I am very happy in the direction of it at this point, even though there are still many questions we have yet to answer. Last Friday after a great 1-1 session with Benedetta and a sewing lesson with Teresa, I came to the realization that I want this cape to be all about the physical interaction without much focus on the screen. I began playing around with an accelerometer to understand how it reads data and furthermore how it will be used. That led to user-testing the cape with people on the floor. I tried finding people who weren’t aware of the project in order to see how people really fly. What I learned is that everyone flies differently, which is great information and makes me wonder how to explore that. What it also showed was that I must design the cape in a way that it is intuitive to the user.

Below is an example of how someone might fly without touching the cape at all.


Also, some people immediately grab the sides of the cape and begin to move from right to left. This got me thinking, how can I design the cape in a way to make everyone hold onto the right and left sides.

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I sketched up a new design idea for the cape, which includes sleeves. Therefore a user would put the cape on and then slide their arms into the sleeves.

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After sketching this up, I went to the sewing machine with my new skills and sewed on fabric to prototype this idea. I then tested this design. What I learned is that people still wanted to fly in their own way. The cape actually ripped during this testing, which also taught that material is important!


I also got feedback that in addition to sleeves, superhero gloves would add to the experience. I sketched up what these gloves would look like and how they would work.


Below is the 3rd story idea, which has changed since.


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To get some more inspiration, I visited the Superhero Store in Park Slope.

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Here is the most recent sketch of the cape.

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updated draft