Final project update: We are flying!

As usual, there were many ups and downs this week and it was pretty challenging catching up after Thanksgiving break. But I am here to report that we have a working microcontroller sending accelerometer data to p5. SAY WHA?!

Our precious Adafruit Feather BLE arrived over the weekend. Silly me thought it would be as simple as pairing the bluetooth to a computer, similar to what we did with the Arduino Mini + BlueFruit. I learned that I needed to run it through the terminal by using node.js. SAY WHA?!

After office hours with Tom Igoe and talking to Jingwen about BLE and node.js we were finally able to get everything up and running. HUGE WIN!


Next I decided to focus on the actual fabrication of a cape.

IMG_3231 IMG_3232

Reflection on microcontrollers:

Why we chose the Feather BLE:

We first had thought of using the Arduino Mini + BlueFruit. Although this worked, we were worried about the unreliability. After it paired, it would almost immediately loses the  Bluetooth connection.

IMG_3268 IMG_3092 2

I went on a bit of an exploration of microcontrollers–I tried out the SensorTag, RFDuino and Monteino.

SensorTag: This was brought up (again) by my boyfriend, Max who is also the Director of Video at the New York Times and a Software Engineer at his core. He brought up a great point that the SensorTag is a great route, as it’s a microcontroller, wireless, and has button options.