Final project, say what?!

I have been stirring around a few crazy ideas that I am unsure are possible, but I’m going to be positive and say any of them are.

Ideas I want to explore: I would like to focus on self-perception, self-empowerment, and possibly superheroes.

Pep talk (self-perception/self-empowerment)

The idea for Pep Talk is influenced every day life at ITP. It’s a constant battle of highs and lows. I’ve personally never worked around and with such incredibly creative, self-motivated, helpful, and interesting people. It’s amazing to see what people create, or even consider creating. Even with that said, we have no real insight in how someone is feeling about their experience. Sure, they may have created an incredibly visually stimulating ICM sketch, but they could have imagined creating something with a few more bells and whistles. They could easily being feel very proud of their work, or they could be feeling very disappointed. We all entered ITP at different levels with different outcome expectations, but we are all here and blended in the same or similar courses.

Through Pep Talk, I would like to explore giving people pep talks when they’re feeling down. How would this be done? I was thinking this could be done through face recognition. The screen would examine a person’s facial expression, and then based on that trigger a box to print out a personal pep talk that was recorded by an actual ITP alum, resident, professor, or student. This would allow someone who is more timid to feel more connected and understand they aren’t feeling the same way.

Super cape (self-empowerment/superhero)

Super cape would be an exploration in wearable technology with the purpose of empowering children to feel like superheroes, but also to make adults feel okay to act like children.

Combining with ICM: I am working on a story concept that would be a game-like experience, in which the child discovers their superpower. The cape could help a user navigate, interact, and ultimately create the story based on their movements with the cape. The cape could have FSRs sewn in the sides, so when they are grabbed it triggers something in the story.

Other ideas: What if the cape solved math equations by movement? And as the user solved more equations, they would increase their ability to fly.

Here are sketches of the cape:


FullSizeRender 16

I am talking to Kate, the wearables expert tomorrow to learn more about wearables and what sensors would make sense for this idea.