Final Project Proposal

I will be combining a final project for Live Web and Interaction Design Studio. My goal is to make a¬†physical communication device for people with loved ones who live far away. What I find fascinating about long distance communication is that we miss something that cannot be simulated. I want to achieve a way to not only communicate to someone afar, but do it in a way that’s unobtrusive, private, and uses the body.


How can we communicate using our bodies?

Can use more of our bodies that our fingers to communicate?

Can I simulate what if feels like to communicate with someone who’s far away?

Initial idea:


Above is an illustration of what this communication device would be like. Essentially it would be a wearable that would send data through a socket server to another person through their body movements. In the above illustration, I am proposing to use an accelerometer as an input that would send data to the socket server and then back to the other person with an output of a vibration. That way when person 1 sends a message, person 2 receives a vibration. Giving the sensation of feeling someone else without them actually being there.