Class 1 reflections: karate, dance, yoga

I am very excited to be in Muscle. Not only is it a great complement to my other courses this semesters, it fits perfectly in my personal ideas about design and experiences. As someone interested in how we learn, I’m looking forward to understanding more about the body and how it moves, as well as incorporating more physicality in projects.
I absolutely loved learning a bit of Karate with Hub. I think I told everyone I talked to the past week about it, as it proved how much movement creates positivity and encourages learning.
Over the weekend, I met with a friend who recently broke her hand in a skiing accident. Although, she’s not super  happy to be out of commission from the slopes, she believes that she is lucky to only have broken her hand. She had a fairly aggressive fall down a mountain, and said she believes it wasn’t worse because she exercises frequently. I thought it fit nicely with our discussion last week in discussing the importance of movement.
Reading: What I found most interesting about the reading “Where the Action Is” is talking about the progression of the computer as a communication device between humans and the computer itself. In looking at the progression from electrical to graphical, the interaction became much more of a dialogue. I have never studied HCI—this along with my other class, Always on, Always Connected has got me thinking a lot about our relationships with machines. Instead of learning how the machines can help us communicate, it’s almost as if we are learning more how to interact with a computer.