First Impressions of ICM

This was my very first class at ITP and I left feeling super excited about everything to come. Having only dabbled in coding (mainly Javascript) informally, I am ready to start creating through coding. Programming is such a magical thing to me, even though most people have told it’s based on logic. With my language and linguistic background, I see programming languages as new (written) languages to learn. And through this class I hope to become proficient in p5.js, have a better understanding of Javascript, and generally how code works.

As a part visual learner, I love the immediate feedback you get with p5.js. It makes the coding part fun. After getting the hang of creating ellipses, I started thinking of what I’d ultimately create. So, for whatever reason, a monkey popped in my head. Once I made the first and the largest ellipse, I immediately created the smaller one to go inside. Then for the eyes I started to play around with changes the width and height, in order to align the eyes next to each other, as well as make them more horizontal. Once I got the eyes, I was ready to create the ears—

syntax     ellipse (a, b, c, d);

right ear ellipse (500, 150, 70, 60);

left ear    ellipse (100, 150, 70, 60);

These lines of code were a great learning experience for me as it made me really think about what each argument inside the ellipse meant. Having b=150 meant the ears would be at the same level, and (70, 60) meant they’d be the same width and height. The challenge for me was the value of a for the x-coordinate– it’s a bit strange for me that the (0,0) coordinate is in the top left. It takes me a few minutes to think what the value of each coordinate will be based on where I want the shape to start.

Little did I know that ellipses were the easy part, the most difficult part for me was making the nose.

triangle (x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3)

I probably spent a good 5 minutes just looking the syntax. And then a good 5 playing with the example on the Triangle Reference page.

But why nose?

I couldn’t figure out how to get why the nose was doing a Pinocchio look. For a second I thought of going that route, and then I thought I can’t have my first assignment be based on a boy who tells lies. After figuring out the y-coordinates, I was able to understand more clearly what to change the x-coordinates to in order to create a perfect little monkey nose.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.54.24 PM


I’m very happy with the final results! I look forward to learning, coding, and creating!

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