Building Concept “

Last Friday Katie and I went to IAC to test some things we have been working on. Since the previous week, when we presented our 3-minute proposal, our biggest challenge is less about what to render on the screen, and more about how to create this interactive, and communal experience within the audience. It’s trickier than we thought to create an experience in front of arguably the biggest screen most of us have ever seen, and then have them not focus on it. It’s not that we want the screen to be turned off, but it’s more that we want to raise the question, why are so attached to this screen, or why do we want to be attached?

I’m sure there is a safety aspect as well. Screens are like our comfort blanket. They guide us through our day, informing us about the weather, current events, and what your friends are up to.  They also protect us from awkwardness in elevators, and unwanted conversations in bars. If we put away our little screen, we typically just open our larger screen, and sometimes an even larger screen. Sometimes we have three open at once: mobile, laptop, TV. And then we take you to a space with an even larger screen, arguably the largest screen we have encountered in our day. Will this be just another passive experience, where you stare numbly at a screen while you eat food off a small plate and sip on white wine? Or will this be an experience that makes you think about the space you are in and if you are really interacting with the people around you?

We brought two bottles of essential oils with spray bottle with us to IAC. We explained to Mimi that we didn’t really have anything to show, but rather wanted to run through some ideas we have been discussing. Katie and I spent a few hours talking about what love means to each one of us and how it is such a universal powerful, of which we see in thousands of movies and books since the beginning of time. We got in this idea about giving the audience something after Mimi mentioned that what if thought about other ways you feel or express love. What about touching? Or smelling? From this we started thinking about the five senses seen through love. How do we hear love? Feel it? Taste it? Smell it? And See it?

Going along with this, we thought about how we would start this interaction in the audience. Basically, how we would we teach the audience how we wanted them to move and interact in the space. We decided that a powerful way to start would be through whispering. How we would execute this is by planting a few people within the audience, who would just be friends/people we trust to do this who would initially start the interaction. The whispering itself would be no different than the game telephone. The difference of course is that the ending is unclear and also possibly elusive, just like love.

As the story continues throughout the 3 minutes, there are triggers of the rest of the senses, ending with Sight.